Tuesday, 8 January 2013

We got some rechargeable batteries today so he can use it much more often and hopefully that will help he get to grips with it. He desperately wanted to take a picture of his toy hoover today so I left him to it he got some of the top but his fingers kept crawling in the way again. He can do it, its just how to hold it that he struggles with I guess its because his hands are small and its all a little odd but he's getting better and better and he knows what he wants to take pictures of which is lovely. I just stand behind him saying 'don't forget to keep your fingers out the way' 'don't move it when you press the button'
This is one he did completely on his own whilst I was out the room.

'Daddys breakfast'

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  1. Aww 'daddys breakfast' looks yummy! :) I love the bus photos! So sweet bailey this is a lovely blog :) tell sam hes taken some lovely pictures, I cant wait to come back to thetford to see the geese and buses lol xxx lots of love!


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