Friday, 4 January 2013

Sams blog.

I'm making this blog for my son and as he gets older he can help me with it, but thought this would be a great way to archive his adventures.
He got a camera for christmas after several attempts to hide mine from me. Its taking him a while to get used to using it and some of these pictures were taken with a bit of help but I'm sure he'll pick it up in no time he's a smart kid! Hes been super excited by all his toys he got for Christmas and his birthday so has been a bit distracted from sitting down and learning how to use this, but the plan is we will take the camera out with us and  he can take photos of whatever he likes and then I will upload them and they will be on here and we can all see how exciting or scary or confusing the world can be from a 3 year olds point of view and it will always be here for Sam to see, as hes older and he can look back and see everythings hes done. We all know laptops break and photos get lost so this is my insurance on his memories.
So here goes...


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