Monday, 14 January 2013

Little update from the last few days, with pictures from when we made cookies, took a walk in the forest, saw the fish at the garden centre and had a little tutorial from photography tutor Sophie. Today he was takin some pictures around the living room on his own with his fingers out the way Yayyyy!
Baking cookies

Photograpy lesson with Miss Sophie

The fishies

Self Portrait

'I can take a picture of the ceiling Mummy!'

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Trip to the ducks. I picked Sam up from nursery and was a nice day for once so we took a trip to the ducks and then ventured to the park, although when I told him we could go for a nice walk he said he just wanted to come home and take pictures of Mummys hoover, I told him he could after but he didn't in the end. Heres his pics from our trip.

Clares bike

Fionas legs

He still puts his fingers in the way haha.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Still trying to teach him how to use it. And no matter where we are he wants to take pictures of buses :) we're not at the stage yet where he'll take a picture on his own but hes trying. Its quite a small camera and his main struggle is keeping his fingers out the way, or keeping it still enough when he takes the picture. But here are his pics from the last few days. He told me he had lots of fun taking them.
On the way to 'Car Nannys'

This is a lovely picture of the water and geese but have a feeling he was aiming for the bus.

'I did take a picture of that bus...and another bus Mummy'